Getting rid of junk and clutter can be a magical experience. Let College HUNKS come to your rescue so you can rediscover the space in your home

Let College Hunks Hauling Junk & Moving take the stress out of removing your unwanted stuff. We’ll pick up your junk from anywhere in your home, load it up on our trucks (which are 10% bigger than any of our competitors’) and donate, recycle or responsibly dispose of every last piece. Stop putting it off. Just let it go!

Best Decluttering Tips of 2017

How to “Let it Go”

take time to declutter

Commit To 10 Minutes

Find an area in your home that needs some attention, like a drawer, closet shelf or refrigerator, and spend 10 straight minutes organizing and decluttering. Ask yourself if each item has a significant meaning or purpose. If not, recycle or donate it! 10 minutes out of your day isn’t a lot of time, and by doing this a few times a week or even every day, your home will be organized and clutter free in no time!

thinking about decluttering

Don’t Hold Onto Items For Your Fantasy Self

These are items that you would wear if you were invited to a ball, or use if you ever needed to bake 500 cupcakes for a wedding. It’s likely that these events won’t occur, but you’re still holding on to the hope that one day they might. If you find yourself in this scenario, just let it go. These items are taking up space in your home. You’ve never (or rarely) used them before. Don’t allow them to take up valuable real estate in your home because of the possibility of something happening.

use boxes to donate items

Donate One Item Each Day

Many people have items in their home that are no longer useful to them, but could make a world of a difference to someone else. So, pick a time frame (depending on the extent of your clutter) and get to donating! Every day, look through your home. Is there an old coat in your closet that you never wear that could benefit someone in a shelter? Or perhaps there are old junk towels and sheets that pet shelters can use as bedding to keep the animals warm? These items are just taking up room in your home but can greatly enhance someone or something else’s life.

seasonal decluttering

Let It Go With The Seasons

At the end of each season, examine your decorations, linens, and clothes. Is one of your holiday adornments on its last leg? Don’t let the item suffer by enduring another season; put it to rest. You have used the same table runner for the last 5 years. It is faded and there are a few tears in the corner. Throw it out and add some life back into your dining room by using the new one you bought years ago, but didn’t want to open. And maybe that coat you bought a few winters ago was in style then, but it’s not anymore. It probably won’t come back around for another decade. Cross that one off as a loss and donate it to your local charity.

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